David Weil

David Weil

Interim Associate Vice President, Digital Instruction and Information Services

Phone:(607) 274-3098
Office:320 Job Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850

David Weil is currently Ithaca College's Interim Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer.  

Previously, Dave was the College's first Director of Engagement and Implementation and led IT's efforts to engage and interface with the campus, provide SaaS and other application implementation services, and offer business process improvement services. Areas of responsibility included leadership of our service catalog, project management, governance and other initiatives to ensure our engagement and alignment with the College, in addition to implementing application and cloud based services, and providing business process improvement services to the campus.  

Prior to this, David was the Director of Enterprise Application Services at Ithaca College - responsible for supporting the college's main business and Web applications.   

Over the years Dave has been involved in numerous aspects of technology services, including academic computing, student and faculty support, policy development and enforcement, Web development and system administration, vendor relationships and campus-wide technology planning. In addition, back in 1988 Dave was instrumental in establishing the college's Educational Technology Day, a regional technology show that over 1,600 people attend annually and is still running strong.

Dave has a bachelor’s degree in computer science (business minor), and a master’s degree in communications (with emphasis on instructional design, teaching and learning with technology, instructional/corporate communication).  He is also active in EDUCAUSE, and is a graduate of the EDUCAUSE Class of 2003 Frye Leadership Institute and the EDUCAUSE 2013 Leading Change Institute. Dave has presented at numerous conferences, and served on a number of committees, including the 2014 EDUCAUSE National Program Committee, the Security Task Force Policy and Legal Issues Working Group, and the Professional Development Advisory Committee. Dave is currently a mentor and content leader for the EDUCAUSE Senior Director Seminar, and is a member of the Enterprise IT content planning committee.