Matt Fee

Park Scholar Director, Roy H. Park School of Communications
Staff, Cinema and Photography

Phone:(607) 274-7342
Office:327 Roy H Park Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850

Matthew J. Fee completed his doctoral dissertation at New York University on fantastic cinema and Irish national identity. Dr. Fee has presented and published in the areas of Irish cinema and contemporary Irish art, as well as on film genre, particularly horror films and post-9/11 cinema. The British Film Institute recently published his essay on John Carney’s Once in a new anthology on the film musical.

Dr. Fee’s primary areas of research and specialization are Irish cinema, Irish studies, and film genres (specifically American horror films and film melodrama). In addition to having taught introductory courses in film analysis and fiction film theory, he has taught courses on Irish cinema, horror films, as well as classes on Orson Welles, Wes Craven, George Romero, and David Cronenberg.

Dr. Fee has served as the director of the Park Scholar Program since joining Ithaca College in 2004. Further information on the Park Scholar Program may be found here: As director of the program, he teaches a seminar on Globalization and Media to first-year Park Scholars. Dr. Fee also conducts biannual Saturday Seminars on selected topics for all Park Scholars.