Picture of Community Director

Maggie Wetter

Assistant Director for Staff & Programs, Residential Life

Phone:(607) 274-1105
Office:2001 East Tower
Ithaca, NY 14850

As the Assistant Director for Staff & Programs I work with the Terraces, Apartments and Emerson Hall and  supervise the Residence/Community Directors in the following areas: Terraces 1-6, Terraces 7-13, Emerson Hall and Garden Apartments (EmGar), and the Circle Apartments. I also oversee the Towers and Terraces Area Office in Terrace 7, room 100, often called the T7 Area Office. The Area Office provides key services for all Towers and Terrace residents, and is managed by our Area Office Operations Assistant, Julia Mastroberti.  My office is also located in the Area Office in Terrace 7.

Residential Learning Communities in my area are: Interfaith, located in Terrace 5, Outdoor Adventure Learning Community (OALC) located in Terrace 8, Sustainably Conscious Community (SCC) located in Terrace 8, and La Casa located in Terrace 5.  Specialty areas include; Substance Free in Terrace 3, Transfer Community located in Terrace 11, and Quiet Study in Terrace 5.  

Given the upper-floor location of my office and the absence of an elevator, individuals with disabilities requiring an alternative arrangement to access the services of the office should contact me at 607-274-3300 or mwetter@ithaca.edu.  Requests should be made with as much advance notice as possible.