Paul M. Deamer

Paul Deamer

Marketing Communications Manager, Marketing Communications
Staff, School of Business
Staff, Office of Marketing Communications

Phone:(607) 274-1279
Office:316 Park Center
Ithaca, NY 14850

As a member of the Office of Marketing Communications team, I serve as an account manager for the School of Business. I work closely with the deans, faculty, staff, and students to coordinate the school’s marketing and communications needs by designing and implementing strategies that are in line with the Ithaca College brand. I manage and develop events, projects, and publications that promote the school to prospective students, alumni, donors, the campus community, and general public. 

My primary responsibilities include:

  • Providing marketing communications consultation within the School of Business in support of the deans, faculty, staff, and students. 
  • Developing an annual marketing communications plan for the School of Business to include measurable goals to increase visibility with specific audiences, a timeline, budget, and mechanism for evaluation.
  • Executing the marketing communications plan and supporting School of Business programs with professional services such as writing, publications, special events, media relations coordination, and promotions. Coordinating all projects, whether they are completed in-house or by outside vendors. Advising on use of paid advertising to support the school.
  • Recommending and conducting market research to test effectiveness of communications as needed; using results to evaluate current programs and formulate future plans.
  • Attending School of Business events and programs, getting to know the needs, strengths, assets, and personnel of the school.
  • Working with the Office of Marketing Communications media relations staff to ensure consistent and appropriate messaging, publicity and communication for School of Business programs and events and faculty, staff and student accomplishments.
  • Participating in overall college marketing communications planning and contributing to an integrated marketing effort by sharing news and opportunities uncovered through work within the School of Business. Serving as a source to media relations for faculty expert and story ideas.
  • Developing and maintaining content for School of Business web profiles. Serving as a resource to and provide support for departments and faculty in the development of web profiles.
  • Coordinating recruitment and yield activities within the school. Overseeing the preparation of recruitment and yield materials, including letters, publications, and print pieces, as well as assisting department communication with accepted students.
  • Overseeing and advancing publications for the School of Business. Developing stories for, and ensuring production and distribution of, annual reports and/or electronic newsletters as part of institutional advancement efforts. Coordinating the development, editing, and posting of news.

When not working at IC, I enjoy playing golf, basketball, softball and volleyball.  Depending on the season, I'll be rooting for the Yankees, Giants or Knicks.  I also enjoy home improvement projects, some with success, some without. 

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