rhoda meador photo

Rhoda H. Meador

Director, Gerontology

Phone:(607) 274-3645
Office:214 Job Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850


Rhoda Meador, PhD, is the Director of the Ithaca College Gerontology Institute. Her research focuses on building the capacity of health and social service practitioners to better serve the needs of older adults. She has investigated the impact of professional development in the form of coaching, mentoring, improved interpersonal skills, and innovative management practices on direct care workers in long-term care.


More recently, she is also involved in research and program development related to the social integration of older adults. She is currently working with an interdisciplinary team of researchers from Cornell University and Ithaca College to implement and evaluate the “Retirees in Stewardship to the Environment” (RISE) intervention, which is aimed at preparing retirees to take leadership in environmental activities in their local communities.


Meador has authored and co-authored many books, training manuals, and peer-reviewed articles, including “Leading the Way: the Busy Nurses Guide to Supervision,” “Partners in Caregiving,” “CNA Career Ladders Made Easy,” and “CNA Mentoring Made Easy.” In addition, she is a frequent presenter at local and national events and conferences. Meador has a Ph.D. in Consumer and Family Sciences Education from Iowa State University, and an MS and BA in adult learning from Marshall University.