Tiffani Ziemann

Tiffani Ziemann

Areas Coordinator and Title IX Coordinator, Residential Life

Phone:(607) 274-3300
Office:100 Terrace Seven
Ithaca, NY 14850

As the Area Coordinator for the Terraces, Emerson, Garden and Circle Apartments, I supervise the Residence Directors in the following areas: Emerson Hall/Garden Apartments, Circle Apartments, Terraces 1-6, and Terraces 7-13. I also oversee the Towers and Terraces Area Office located in Terrace 7, room 100, often called the T7 Area Office. T7 provides key services for all Towers and Terraces residents, and is managed by our Area Office Operations Assistant, Julia Mastroberti.

I work closely with the RDs to coordinate their areas.  Terraces 1-6 has the Sustainably Conscious Learning Community (Terrace 2), and Terrace 5 has both the Quiet Study and Substance Free floors for upper years students. T7-13 houses the Outdoor Adventure Learning Community in Terrace 8, and the Transfer floor in Terrace 11.

I am also the Title IX Coordinator for Ithaca College. I oversee Ithaca College processes as they relate to sexual assault and sexual harassment. I work to train our faculty, staff and students on their options and resources if they experience sexual assault or know someone who has. Please visit www.ithaca.edu/SHARE for more information.