Benjamin Costello

Benjamin Costello

Director of Advancement Services, Advancement Services

Phone:(607) 274-1740
Office:115 Alumni Hall
Ithaca, NY 14850

After graduating from IC, I never imagined that I would end up back here, let alone spend 15 years working at the College.   It has been an incredible journey from the first weeks I was hired -- when no one was quite sure we even required a web presence.   Now, obviously, things have changed so dramatically, and the web is largely the center of how we engage, communicate, educate, and transact electronically.    It's been an honor to have been part of shaping such a significant part of the College's life today, and to work with the amazing people that make up this community.

Although nothing I have done here could have been possible without the collaboration of staff in ITS, Marketing Communications, Admission, and the campus at large, I am most proud of my contributions, and of our work as a team on:

  • The introduction of web content management in the form of first the Faculty Home Page Builder, and its successor, the Web Profile Manager.
  • The first major design and branding initiative of the College's website
  • Establishing a system of interconnected marketing content and data from the College's Homer and Parnassus systems that could be pushed to the website ensuring timely updates, auto-population, and lessening the workload of the staff responsible for website upkeep.
  • Creating myIthaca, which has been a successful portal for our prospective and incoming students since 2001.   The most recent incarnation, with the inclusion of the social network "IC Peers," has been particularly satisfying to see in action and result in success.
  • Launching the first campus portal for current students, faculty, and staff: myHome at Ithaca.   It is in this that I see the greatest potential going forward, as we strive to integrate the many disparate web-based services the College offers, and opening a new frontier for distributed content management, information sharing, and collaboration.