Eric Woods

Eric Woods

Web Developer, Applications and Infrastructure

Phone:(607) 274-5724
Office:1421A East Tower
Ithaca, NY 14850

I am a web developer. I've been building web sites, running web servers, designing web applications, and managing web projects since 1994. And most of that time I have done so for organizations with a focus on energy efficiency. I have particular specialties in carbon footprint assessments and residential building energy efficiency. I am delighted to be focusing now on the success of a liberal arts college and the students that it supports. I like working with teams and having a good development and deployment process. I have a background in agile project management.

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I play Ultimate. I'm delighted my kids love learning music, making sculptures, building with Legos, and playing games with me. I love Ithaca culture. I am well traveled. I ride a motorcycle. I grew up in Oregon.